These disclosures are made to you by Autosource Marketing, Inc., a Illinois corporation (“we” or “us”). Although you are applying for a loan through a website maintained by us, we are not a lender. The following disclosures describe how we operate and will process your loan request.

1. We have a network of Automotive Dealerships (“dealerships”) for which we generate leads. We operate websites that advertise loans through which consumers submit personal information, name email address and phone number. We provide our affiliate Dealerships this personal information, to contact applicants.

  1. A consumer who submits application on a lead generator’s webpage is nearly immediately redirected from that page to a lender’s webpage. This automated process takes just seconds, and the consumer is not informed that the personal information has been transferred to the affiliate Dealership.

    3. Our lead generators typically do not provide loans directly to consumers, do not select the lenders that will see a consumer’s application, and have no involvement in or knowledge of the terms of the loan a consumer receives after we distribute the lead. Lead generators do nothing more than distribute applications to our affiliate dealerships.

    4. We do not know the loan terms that consumers will be offered by affiliate dealerships, and we make no attempt to match consumers with the best loan for their needs, as consumers may be led to believe by lead generators. Once we distribute the lead, we do not know whether a loan is actually made, or whether the consumer accepts or rejects the lender’s terms.

    5. We perform only limited initial screening of the affiliate dealerships in our network for compliance with applicable laws. We do not perform any ongoing compliance monitoring.

    6. Affiliate dealerships provide regular feedback to us regarding the quality of our leads, including the number of leads that convert to loans and reasons why leads did not convert. We use this information to refine our lead processing to optimize lead conversion.

    15. If you are seeking a particular form of credit for which you do not qualify, you may receive solicitations for a form of credit that you are not seeking. The terms of the credit offered may be inferior to those you were originally seeking. You do not have to accept or respond to these solicitations.

    17. Dealerships to whom we distribute leads, may combine the information provided by you with information available about you from other sources, such as public records and credit bureaus, for the purpose of offering you goods and services. Some of these goods and services may be other than those for which you have applied. You do not have to accept or reply to these offers.